Can Art Change our perceptions of ourselves? We think so, here at Michael Rosenberg Photography, Seattle

Michael Rosenberg Photography, Portraits, Seattle Portrait Photographer. Can a portrait change our perceptions of ourselves? I believe it can. Can a portrait create a deeper connection with who we are; deepen the ties that connect us not just within our families but within ourselves and within our greater community. Again, I believe it can.

We live by the connections we make with ourselves, with our families and loved ones and with our greater community. A great portrait can hope to make visual some of those connections. And in so doing, create a visual document that can be both beautiful, compelling and transformative.

If I can create a work of art that transform your world view of yourself and your family; that strengthens, rekindles, that reconnects you to yourself and those you love, then I have done my job. That is my aspiration to achieve each time I pick up a camera and record an image of my subject. Can I make you feel something? No! But, can I inspire you, influence you, touch your heart? That is my intention; to create a photographic portrait with you that will inform, compel, inspire and touch your heart.


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