Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg – Artist

May 08 2023

Stalking the Finished Work

Endings The middle stages of a painting are mostly fraught with questions, doubts, and quite often, floundering.  Where is this painting going?  What does it...
May 08 2023

The Influencers in my Studio

My work is highly rooted in and influenced by the Abstract Expressionist movement and the Color Field painters of the 60's and 70's. But I do not limit myself to just...
May 08 2023

Lessons from the Messy Middle

Whenever I start a new painting, I begin with anticipation and hope. I suspect that is true for anyone who creates. Yet as the work progresses, things get a bit more...
Apr 04 2023

The Creative Conversation

When I step into the studio each day, I engage in a multi-faceted conversation.  Before I arrive, there is already a crowd gathered; great artists of the past and...


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