More Than Our Scars

Too many times you see Breast Cancer or other Cancer Survivor Portrait Projects showing their scars off to the world as if to say this is the trophy of their battle, and while we admire those who embrace their scars and proudly show them, we aimed to take a different approach with More Than Our Scars. 

We believed that the scars of a person should not define them, that their cancer should not define their lives, and they agreed with us, whole heartedly. I'll be honest, we were surprised by these women, and we know you will be too! This project aims to redefine Breast Cancer and its survivors, to show our viewers that not only can it happen to anyone, but it can happen at any time in your life.

We were honored to work with these eleven courageous, strong, incredible women and their support teams to create the powerful images we will be revealing at the Susan G Komen Puget Sound's Race for the Cure on June 4th and here on our website, blog and instagram. Join us for the reveal of the final images, special behind the scenes images, videos, and to learn more about these women's stories!