Can a portrait change our perceptions of ourselves? We believe it can. Can a portrait create a deeper connection with who we are; deepen the ties that connect us not just within our families but within ourselves and within our greater community. Again, we believe it can.

Our sessions are more than just the capturing of your image, we actively get to know you, beginning with your initial phone consultation where Michael gets the chance to find out a little about you and your family to the session where he is inspired by your personal interactions, each of your personalities, and the intricate details of your connections. This is why we feel our images stand out above the rest, we capture more than just your face, we create art that represents who you are, right now.

After your session, we invite you into the studio to reveal your portraits, printed, matted and up on our walls. We believe seeing a printed portrait is so much more powerful than seeing it on a backlit computer screen, there's just something about having a physical print in your hands to really appreciate the art and to really gain that empowerment from a beautiful capture.

Last year we worked together to create a few behind the scenes videos from the "Our Generation"' project, sessions that were shot in the Vanity Fair Experience style. To see a behind the scenes look at one of these sessions with Michael, watch the video above.


We live by the connections we make with ourselves, with our families and loved ones and with our greater community. A great portrait can only hope to make visual some of those connections and in so doing, create a visual document that can be both beautiful, compelling and transformative. 

"The Story of You" style of session is a relaxed, candid, fun session, usually outdoors at a park or location of your choosing and really focuses on the emotional connections between you and your family members. We walk around together and enjoy ourselves, while capturing natural moments and unique personalities. We aim to tell a story, of you, your family, and this specific time in your lives that is like no other, for you to be able to rediscover and reconnect to for years to come!

Begin your session today by scheduling your phone consultation with us and learn why this style of session is just right for you!


If you have ever felt uncomfortable or unsure about your image, felt uneasy about having your portrait taken, then this is the session style for you. We have all been there at some point and we know that an image has the power to lift your self worth, but we also know that a beautifully crafted image can be made less powerful if you don't feel your best in it. 

This is why we have partnered with professional hair and makeup artists and wardrobe stylists to ensure that you look and feel your best on the day of your session. Let our stylists help you decide which outfits you and your family should wear and what to pair with them, have our stylists do your hair and makeup before your session so you don't have to worry about fly aways or not feeling rested. Set your cares and worries aside and truly enjoy your session, and let us make you look and feel like you belong on the cover of a magazine!

Let your true personality and spirit break through the barriers. Begin your portrait session with us by scheduling your phone consultation with Michael and learn why this session style is right for you!