Michael began his art career working in NYC's Art Galleries while gaining his Master's Degree in Painting. It might shock and surprise you to find that, for many years, Michael worked as a family psychotherapist! It might be why he became intrigued with photography, being able to capture these once in a lifetime moments for a lifetime to rediscover. It was a winding road, but it became passion and it is what he will do until the day he dies. Capturing the feelings and emotions between people or within themselves is what he believes makes a great portrait, the feelings and personality that makes an image compelling.

Over the years, Michael has had wonderful experiences, won numerous awards, been published in many publications and has even been granted the opportunity to photograph the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama, five of the times he had visited Seattle over his two terms.

But his favorite thing in the world, is that feeling he gets when he looks at an amazing image he captured, one that just speaks to him. When he catches himself bringing up that image or images over and over again and getting lost in them, he knows, he's created magic again.

A Manhattan native, transplanted to the Pacific North West of Vashon Island 30+ years ago, Michael has made this his home ever since. Having raised a family, two boys both out of the house now, he truly understands, all too well, just how fast they grow up and leave the nest. Ask him about his favorite portrait of his boys, it's still hanging on his wall in the front foyer of his home for all to see as they enter, much like he hopes the images he captures of your family will too.


Like our portraiture, our studio strives to be a little bit different. We are located in the up and coming fashionable SoDo District of Seattle, close by to the neighboring stadiums in an all artist studio warehouse, which is easily missed. But, like the creation of fine art, it is an adventure! (Don't like adventures? Click here for detailed directions).

Don't be put off, appearance isn't everything. Our building is one of the oldest, wooden structures of its kind in Seattle. As you walk down the old halls, admire the original, huge, solid wood beams recalling a different era, you can almost sense the history whispering from these old walls. The structure has been many things, including an old, seedy, yet popular watering hole, and is now the home to a small colony of eclectic independent artists!

And, while the building is old, the entrance easily missed, and the hallways in need of a few more light bulbs, our studio is warm and always inviting.

We hope to welcome you here soon.


As you may have noticed, we have recently culminated a wonderful team of very talented people!

With the addition of our Studio Manager and Videographer, Amanda, we have also gained the services of many incredibly talented stylists including the award winning Hair and Makeup Artist Tiara Whitney, Personal Image Stylist Patricia Gorham, and several others. 

Click below to check out their websites and find out more!