Meet one of our Stylists

One of our talented wardrobe stylists, Jacqui Trent

Jacqui Trent, Wardrobe Stylist

Meet one of our new wardrobe stylists!

Jacqui Trent, Wardrobe Stylist for Michael Rosenberg Photography

Jacqui Trent, Wardrobe Stylist

Jacqui Trent is a photo stylist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She discovered her eye for styling while working as a Baker and Cake Decorator in Seattle many years ago. Continuously pleasing customers with the composition of her cakes and pastries. She decided it was time to combine her love of fashion and sense of design.

The last 5+ years have been a whirlwind of exploration, shoots, and her newest endeavor of launching a jewelry line!
Jacqui has a diverse clientele due to her strong understanding of what works on different body types and what’s best on camera. Keeping your personal sense of style and personality into consideration, she’ll make sure you feel excited to step in front of that camera!
Most recently Jacqui worked with us as one of our stylists for the “More than Our Scars Project” we produced for Susan G Komen Puget Sound.

Also, here’s some blurbs or experiences with working with your clients so far:

I was helping Genevieve select outfits for her senior photos and she brought out a pair of oxblood Doc Marten’s. She shyly mentioned she didn’t know how to wear them and might return them. She likes them but had no idea what to do with them. So, I showed her two different ways to wear them and her eyes lit up! We used them in one of her outfits and she was so excited 🙂

And working with us on the breast cancer survivor portrait series “More than our Scars” for Komen Puget Sound.


Megan Monterrosa, breast cancer survivor and participant in More Than Our Scars by Michael Rosenberg Photography and Komen Puget Sound Styled by Jacqui Trent

So full of life and positive, Megan was such a wonderful addition to the More Than Our Scars Portrait Series!

Working with Megan to pick out outfits for her series was so much fun! She had a killer closet but was lacking a little confidence. We started looking through her wardrobe. I listened to how she was describing her clothes, what her face was doing. Selecting a few pieces and we started to build outfits around them.
Megan kept saying “oh I’m glad you put that together, I love this! I don’t know why I never thought of that!” (This has literally happened on every single one of my consultations). Her and her husband were going to Kentucky Derby themed Komen event that night and she was showed me her gorgeous dress. Megan said she was still deciding on shoes and if she wanted to wear a hat or fascinator. We went over her options and got the hubby dressed!


Alexis Coffer, breast cancer survivor, More Than Our Scars Portrait Series by Michael Rosenberg Photography with Komen Puget Sound Styled by Jacqui Trent

Such style, such grace! Such a beautiful woman.

The first thing I noticed about Alexis was her energy! She could not sit still (and the best way possible) and was so much fun! Alexis said when we went to her closet is, “I don’t really like jeans. I prefer dresses and skirts…”  I replied, “then we won’t put you in jeans! What are your favorite skirts and dressed?” This was met with a huge smile from her and her room mate.
We picked out a few outfits she loved she mentioned she actually does have one pair of dark skinny jeans that she does like. I could tell she kind of actually wanted to wear them but wasn’t sure. I paired it with one of her favorite tops and a rad leather jacket and she loved it!

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